Gold plated layered disc necklace

Caring for your jewellery


All jewellery needs a bit of TLC. And, with the right care, your fave pieces can stay like new. Hurrah!

If you’ve got plated jewellery, it’s vulnerable to damage. That’s why we recommend a few things to keep your jewellery fresh and fabulous. 

  • Wash your hands before handling/admiring your jewellery. 
  • Try not to get lotions, potions and perfumes on it. 
  • Going for a swim or taking a shower? Oh no you don’t – take off your jewellery first…
  • Give it a clean now and then. 

And for silver items, rub some life back into them with a simple silver polish. It's easy and cheap – you can pick some up for less than a fiver… you do it for your shoes, do it for your jewels! 

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